About Angie Sowell - Martial Arts Instructor

Dec 13, 2017


Welcome to the profile of Angie Sowell, a dedicated martial arts instructor at Trammells Martial Arts Academy. With her extensive experience and passion for martial arts, Angie has become a renowned figure in the field of sports - martial arts. Let's dive into her remarkable journey and contributions.

Early Life and Martial Arts Beginnings

Angie Sowell was born and raised in a small town, where her curiosity for martial arts was sparked at a young age. Fascinated by the discipline, dedication, and control demonstrated by martial artists, Angie began training in various martial arts styles, including karate, taekwondo, and judo.

Education and Professional Training

After completing her high school education, Angie took her passion for martial arts to the next level by enrolling in a prestigious martial arts academy. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, she honed her skills and knowledge in different disciplines while pursuing advanced degrees in Sports Science and Athletic Training.

Expertise and Achievements

With over 20 years of experience in the martial arts industry, Angie Sowell has achieved remarkable milestones and gained recognition for her expertise. Throughout her career, she has attained multiple black belts in karate, taekwondo, and judo, demonstrating her dedication and mastery in each discipline.

Notable Achievements:

  • Multiple-time National Champion: Angie has secured top positions in national martial arts competitions, showcasing her exceptional skills and competitive spirit.
  • Gold Medalist: She has represented her country in international tournaments, earning gold medals and contributing to her nation's success.
  • Head Instructor: Angie's expertise has led her to become the head instructor at Trammells Martial Arts Academy, where she continues to inspire and train aspiring martial artists.

Teaching Philosophy and Impact

Angie Sowell's teaching philosophy revolves around fostering discipline, respect, and self-confidence in her students. As an instructor, she understands the importance of tailoring her teaching methods to suit students of all ages and skill levels. Her classes focus not only on physical training but also on instilling key values such as perseverance, integrity, and humility.

Contribution to the Martial Arts Community

Beyond her roles as an instructor and competitor, Angie actively contributes to the martial arts community by organizing workshops, seminars, and events that promote the growth and development of martial arts practitioners. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering others has earned her respect and admiration across the industry.


Angie Sowell's journey from a young martial arts enthusiast to a highly respected instructor embodies the essence of dedication, hard work, and continuous learning. Her expertise, achievements, and contribution to the field of sports - martial arts make her an invaluable asset to Trammells Martial Arts Academy. Join Angie's classes and embark on your own martial arts journey under the guidance of an exceptional instructor.