ABSVD Remission for Foreigners: Boosting the Real Estate Market in Singapore

Dec 27, 2023

Welcome to SG Luxury Homes - your ultimate resource for all your real estate needs in Singapore. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the ABSVD remission for foreigners, its impact on the local real estate market, and how you can leverage it when making your next property investment.

Understanding ABSVD Remission for Foreigners

ABSD (Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty) is a tax imposed on certain groups of property buyers in Singapore, including foreigners. However, in a bid to attract foreign investments and stimulate economic growth, the Singapore government offers an ABSVD remission for eligible foreigners. This remission effectively reduces the ABSD rates, making it more appealing for foreigners to invest in the local real estate market.

Better Investment Opportunities for Foreigners

The ABSVD remission for foreigners opens up a world of better investment opportunities in Singapore. By reducing the ABSD rates, the government aims to encourage more foreign investors to contribute to the local economy. This presents an advantageous situation for both the investors and the real estate market as a whole.

Foreign investors can now take advantage of these reduced rates and explore a wide range of real estate options, from high-end luxury homes to promising commercial properties. The lowered financial burden allows them to allocate their resources more efficiently and make strategic investments that yield attractive returns.

How ABSVD Remission Drives Demand

The ABSVD remission for foreigners not only makes the real estate market more attractive to international buyers but also helps drive demand for properties in Singapore. The allure of a lower tax burden coupled with the city-state's stable economy and strong property market fundamentals entices many foreign investors to consider Singapore as their preferred investment destination.

As the demand for properties increases, it creates a ripple effect throughout the entire real estate ecosystem. Developers are more inclined to launch new projects, fueling construction activities and employment opportunities. Real estate agents and home services also witness a surge in business, providing valuable assistance to foreigners navigating the Singaporean property landscape.

Finding Reliable Real Estate Agents

When venturing into the Singaporean real estate market, it is crucial to have a trusted real estate agent by your side. SG Luxury Homes offers a network of experienced, professional agents specializing in assisting foreign buyers. They possess in-depth knowledge of the market, local regulations, and the intricacies of the ABSVD remission for foreigners.

These real estate agents act as your partners throughout the entire buying process, providing personalized guidance, and ensuring you make educated investment decisions. With their expertise and industry connections, you can navigate the Singapore property market with confidence, knowing that you have reliable support every step of the way.

Comprehensive Home Services

In addition to connecting you with top-notch real estate agents, SG Luxury Homes also offers a wide range of home services to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require interior design consultation, property management assistance, or legal support, their curated list of trusted service providers ensures a seamless experience for foreign buyers.

By offering a comprehensive suite of services, SG Luxury Homes aims to simplify your journey as a foreign investor in the Singaporean real estate market. They understand the unique challenges you may face as a non-resident buyer and strive to provide solutions that streamline the entire process.


ABSD remission for foreigners has undoubtedly revolutionized the real estate market in Singapore, attracting a surge of foreign investments and driving overall growth in the sector. With the reduced tax burden, foreign buyers can explore an array of property options and seize lucrative investment opportunities.

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